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Gourmet Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine


Amazing nutritious and delicious recipes to share and enjoy with friends and family.


The Gaia Gourmet Hardcover Cookbook offers over 120 explicit recipes for easy replication by the novice home cook or newly venturing plant-based chef. These recipes have been tried, tested and continually refined for several years at our kitchen at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in the jungles of Costa Rica. Now we are making them all available to the world in an effort to share high-vibration nutrient dense wonderfully tasting vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free gourmet cuisine. Enjoy breakfasts with or without eggs, savory vegan lunch or dinner entrees, refreshing salad varieties each paired with a unique salad dressing, warming soups & sides, party dips, and mind-blowing vegan gluten-free desserts! In the back of Gaia Gourmet there are three sample weekly menus that we serve to our retreat guests and yoga teacher training students. You can actually use this cookbook as a guideline or template for any health, wellness or yoga retreat center or even base your own restaurant around these scripted meal plans. The recipes offer plenty of latitude and versatility if you wish to mash-up a few into new creations. You can even ask for guidance here if you need any tips or assistance in re-creating these dishes. Buen provecho!

From the Foreward by Dr. Robert Svoboda - Ayurvedic Physician & Author:

Chef Naga, author of Gaia Gourmet, is a long-time vegetarian whose approach to living yogically is exemplified in his cuisine. His culinary alchemy yields outstanding meals layered with dimensions of flavor. Locally-procured organically grown produce combined with well-chosen, meticulously proportioned spices and a wide variety of protein-rich nuts, seeds and legumes results in well-rounded, nutrient-dense dishes. He focuses in his recipes on bringing vata back into balance, given that all aspects of our fast-paced, globally-connected modern reality promote vata overload.
Ideally you will experience the talents of Chef Naga by visiting The Sanctuary and enjoying his creations as a lodger in one of Mama Gaia’s grandest expressions of beauty and tranquility, but if that is not currently possible, this cookbook is the next best thing to having these delectable preparations served to you there. Enjoy!

Dr. Robert Svoboda

Food-gasm...if that’s not a word, it is now after experiencing Chef Naga’s amazing cuisine. I am vegan and gluten-free and did two yoga teacher trainings at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, Costa Rica where he developed, honed and lovingly produced the most delicious, nourishing and prana filled recipes. Chef Naga created this menu with such passion, fire and love. I looked forward to each meal and my expectations were far exceeded with every passing day. So many nutrient dense ingredients with flavors and textures to satisfy the most discerning palate. Gaia Gourmet is a truly unique cookbook and the culmination of Chef Naga’s amazing recipes that we can now savor once again in our own home. Buen provecho!!
— Eva Marie Lowry
I first visited The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, where the brilliant Chef Naga resides in 2015 to complete my yoga teacher training. The experience as a whole was incredible but there was one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about long after I left, and that was the food! I felt very lucky for the incredible opportunity to try some of the most delicious, nutritious and mind blowingly awesome food, created with great love, every day. The variety of cuisine was inspired and every day I woke up excited to find out what was on the menu! In fact, the food was so good I returned to The Sanctuary in 2017, all the way from the UK! I was thrilled to see even more variety and new additions as Chef Naga had been creating some new masterpieces. I’m now beyond excited to get my hands on the Gaia Gourmet cooking book and at last try to recreate these culinary experiences myself! This is a book you need for your taste buds, for your body and for the planet. Plant based cooking is the only way for us to continue living in harmony on this earth in a sustainable way, but Chef Naga makes vegetarian and vegan cuisine so delicious you’ll never look back!
— Jessica Holland
Not only do the recipes in Gaia Gourmet provide you with delicious meals to share with those you love, but they are fun and stimulating with varying culinary techniques. Running the gamut from Kichari, to 11 Layer Lasagna, to decadent desserts like the tiramisu Karma Kup and delicate presentations like the Eggplant Sleeping bags. Gaia Gourmet is a must have for any vegetarian or vegan that likes to cook and enjoy amazing food. It’s the next best thing to flying to Costa Rica and experiencing the recipes where they were perfected at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers.
— Alexander R. Berger
The recipes that Chef Naga shares with us in Gaia Gourmet are hands-down the most delicious dishes I have ever eaten. Not only are they a pleasure for the taste buds but the food is so nourishing for every cell of your body, mind and soul. To say that these dishes are simply a great meal would be a huge understatement- every single recipe is a unique experience that fills your belly and heart with happiness and nutritious love.
— Brittany Rouse
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Love Mother Earth, eat clean and green.