A true passion for good food.


Chef Naga is a self-trained Plant-Based Chef. In 2001, after having profound life-realizations while on a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, Naga became a vegetarian. As his sadhana developed in the fields of Yoga and Meditation Naga found himself co-creating The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, an eco-conscious yoga retreat and teacher training center 100% off-the-grid in the jungles of Costa Rica. Inspired by a love of world cuisine and meditation, Naga embarked on a spiritual journey to learn about one’s true Self and debunk the myth that vegetarians solely eat steamed vegetables and brown rice. Chef Naga developed and honed his meditation and culinary skills by embracing the Empirical scientific method of running experiments, analyzing data, adjusting accordingly and repeating again and again. The
results of this refinement process are multidimensional vegetarian and vegan dishes with rich and complex flavor profiles as well as gluten-free vegan desserts that are nutrient dense
and plate-licking amazing, not to mention a fairly focused yogi.